Nick Agin
Designery Things

Developer Onboarding
Product, UX, UI

Plaid loves developers. One of our primary goals is to provide for them a world class experience from start to finish. In-line with these goals, we ran a ‘GV-style’ sprint on our onboarding flow -  brainstorming internally and then testing externally with users... Eventually shipping and iterating on our Developer Experience. Here’s an overview.

Incrementalism is a good thing.

Google Beyond
UX, UI, Product, Brand, Prototyping

I was lucky to be part of a team of 3 that conceptualized, prototyped, and championed the ‘dots’... what would eventually become known as Google Assistant. It was a unique opportunity to re-imagine the future of Google... as a digital homonculus that dovetailed with ‘Quantum Paper’ and acted as omniscient and benevolent guide regardless of your digital touchpoint, problem, platform, or journey.

Blue sky and viabble path forward meet somewhere on the horizon (I never expected this to launch)

Google Disaster Relief
UX, UI, Product, Systems

We partnered with Google’s Disaster Relief Team to explore how ‘Quantum Paper’ aka Material could potentially help save the lives of its users. We explored a variety of solutions, eventually leveraging the Google+ network to focus on 2 disaster types - public and personal.

Having an insane amount of research and data available is a really effective luxury.

Misc. Illustration

Sometimes I draw stuff for fun. Sometimes I draw fun stuff for money. Here’s a collection of random stuff I drew for fun or money. I hope you think they’re fun and valuable too.

When it comes to illustration, I really love black-and-white... mostly because no one ever lets me do B/W when they’re paying.

Education, Art Direction
2012 - 2015

For three years I taught at Pratt as and adjunct professor. With no prior education experience, I slowly built a curriculum via a continuous experimentation loop; trying new techniques, keeping what worked, and scrapping what didn’t. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite student projects.

Education is an incredibly difficult, but extremely rewarding process... for both the student and teacher.

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